TQPR Vietnam

Truong Loc

Chairman, TQPR Vietnam

Truong Loc, Chairman, TQPR Vietnam

Truong Loc, Chairman, TQPR Vietnam

Truong Loc is a founding partner and Chairman of TQPR Vietnam. Loc has a long and successful track record in the growing Vietnam market. He established and managed Vietnam Marketing Center (VMC) which became the country’s most formidable indigenous advertising agency. Subsequently, in a coordinated effort with DMB&B, VMC was named the Vietnam media buying agency of record for Procter & Gamble, Sony, Vietnam Airlines, Coca Cola and countless other international clients. VMC is the only local entrant in the top-10 rates agencies in Vietnam. Currently the vice-chairman of the HAA (Advertising Association of Ho Chi Minh City) in charge of Foreign Affairs, Loc also heads its head of business development and is a board member of The Vietnam Advertising Association. Loc’s 25 years in journalism has enabled him to develop strong relationships with the local media and government organizations in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

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